So The Project Life Journey Begins.

I’ve never been one for making new years resolutions, or if I have I can’t remember them and clearly haven’t stuck to them otherwise I’d probably be a fit bilingual musician who can cook a mean dinner. Too bad I’m none of those things. However, one thing that I am determined to complete this year is my new lovely pretty Project Life album.

Last week I purchased my first lot of Project Life supplies to start documenting 2014.  I am already obsessed and in love. I actually started this post days ago but keep getting distracted by my beautiful scrapbooking things.

I’ve decided to keep to a week by week layout, that way I am able to fit in the many photos that I take without it feeling too crowded. I love to take photos of the little moments that happen every day because before we know it we’ve moved onto something else so seamlessly that we often forget those simple moments that we took such delight in.


I am already so happy that I am turning these memories into something tangible and they aren’t just sitting in a folder somewhere on my hard drive. I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when I look over my two weeks and I can’t wait for it to grow and to fill it with more and more moments.

Is anyone else starting Project Life this year or are you already a champion Project Lifer?


For me, December was a lot of fun. It probably had a lot to do with joining in with Fox in Flats #DAREcember.

It’s a Instagram style challenge hosted by Andrea from Fox In Flats.

Each day you are given a different word to draw style inspiration from. It was a lot of fun to jump out of my comfort style zone and wear different things each day.

There were also many other women and I think one man who were taking part who were always around hashtagging to take inspiration from.

It was really nice to be featured on the Fox In Flats website a few times and I can’t wait for the next one :)


Here are my photos that I submitted for #DAREcember.


A Time For Reflection.

The last day of the year is always filled with reflection.

2013 was a pretty big one for us.

  • We settled into our new home in Aberdeen.
  • celebrated our first wedding anniversary.
  • packed up our home in Aberdeen.
  • T and I moved all the way  back to Australia.
  • T turned one.
  • I got accepted into University.
  • I turned 24.
  • Watched beautiful friends get married.
  • Enjoyed a hot summer.
  • Saw my husband for the first time in 6 months.
  • Celebrated a summer christmas.
  • Said goodbye to my husband again.
  • Welcomed 2014 by watching The Money Pit.

See my year in photos here.


Thank you to all my lovely readers and I wish you a happy and healthy 2014.




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