A Story Of Anticipation

They have travelled from Scotland to Australia together, and after 3 months exactly my shipping items have arrived.

Whoo hoo!

photo (7)

I have been so excited for them to arrive and I’ve been very impatient over the last 90 days.  After all, 3.5 years worth of stuff was in there.

I poured a pretty decent amount of time into packing this box and suitcase. There is exactly 30 kgs in each, do you know how hard a task that is? It involved a lot of those ‘suck the air out with a vacuum’ bags and tetris like maneuvering.  

All in the name of possession.

There are things in there that I am excited to see – Theodore’s baby book (that I’m super behind on), my wedding dress and shoes, travel diaries and my Dirty Rotten Scoundrels DVD.

This afternoon I opened them up and unpacked them.  I was excited to smell my things that smelt like Scotland, ‘home’ and my husband (not in a creepy way) but upon the great unveiling I felt a bit deflated at the waft of that mothball, old lady, charity store smell. I’m convinced there was a little old lady on that ship trying on my things for the last 90 days.

My aunty even text me to ask if it was like Christmas, and in a way it was. You know when you countdown to Christmas and it seems to get bigger and bigger and then the day comes, and although it’s good the anticipation of Christmas is always better. 

Well the unpacking was a little bit like that.

Now that I think about it some sort of music about voyages could have helped to draw me into the task of unpacking. I’m thinking that instrumental score from Pocahontas when John Smith is on the ship. Very Dramatic!! 

At least I had a little helper.


Notice how my arrows also block some information? Tricky!

But even he didn’t look that excited.

He was much happier to be on the verandah in the sun watching The Wiggles than helping mum with boring things like unpacking.

image (1)


And now that I’ve unpacked I look at these things that I had to ship and realise that if need be I probably could have managed without a lot of it. 

Has anyone else moved country/ city/ state and found themselves not needing half of what they packed?

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  1. I moved up the coast of AUS when my little one was 6months. I did a MASSIVE cull of all my stuff in storage right before I went. I was really ruthless but it was the best thing ever. PS Just found your blog from you following me. It’s awesome. I’m desperately trying to play catch up on your story but reaaaaaaaaally need to sleeeeeeep. lol

  2. KidazzleInk

     /  August 11, 2013

    It’s amazing how the amount of “stuff” we think we need seems to diminish once we’ve arrived!. Often it can even become annoying to have to continually juggle it all as we travel on.

  3. Thanks for sharing!
    My husband is from Belgium and he came to Aus two years ago (before we got married)…lucky for me he came for a 6 week holiday and decided to stay…meaning all of the stuff one would usually struggle to not pack never had the chance to be sent! We’ve been to Belgium since and brought back a few small items.

    Now we have another challenge facing us as we pack our belongings to put in storage before we backpack around Aus…it makes me question what we really need!


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