Book Buying And The C Word.

With a baby on my back , I paid my gold coin donation and we walked into the stadium full of books.

It’s the Lifeline Book Fair Weekend!! One of the greatest of weekends of the year.

Oh, that glorious smell of books filled me to the brim with hopefulness and excitement.Β I went straight to the kids section and started sifting and sorting through them all. With the first knock of elbows the atmosphere intensified, the competitive book searching just got real. I was lucky enough to have a pretty cute kid on my back to distract others while I flipped through book after book like a machine.

My pile got bigger and bigger and my heart raced with the anticipation of beating the other mums to a great find.

Competitive much, Olivia?!?

With my bag getting increasingly heavy we took a break over on the side to have a look at our loot and add up how much we were at so far. We were 54 books in and only at $49.

Little Book Worm

Sitting with our stash

With a few more trips back and forth and adding a few more books here and there, we were finally finished.

We joined the line to have our books tallied. The book counters were all in there 70′s and 80′s and sat there adding them all up without the need for a calculator. I heard one of the old men talking about how when he was in school they had to learn up to 16 x tables.

She had tallied it up and I was headed for the pay station and obviously sad that I was leaving my idea of heaven.

As we arrived home I decided to lay out what I’d got so that I could send a photo to my husband.

Table of Books

Table of Books

It definitely looks like more when they are laid out, but much more impressive that in a pile :)

*Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat. Wouldn’t you think my collections complete* (Yeah right, more books!)

I’m sure my husband thinks that I’m completely mad.

Now I’m going to mention the ‘C’ word. Hands over your eyes if need be.


I got super organised today and wrapped 24 books up for Theodore’s Christmas Advent Calendar.

Christmas Advent Calendar

I really wanted to have a nice easy Christmas tradition that we could do without acquiring too much junk. This way we get a pile of books and if you are thrifty enough and source from charity stores then it doesn’t have to break the bank.

I am still yet to decide what sort of calendar I’ll put together for the second part of it.

Any ideas?

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Totally agree with mummyflyingsolo above – what a great advent calendar idea. Can definitely see that being stolen in the future!

  2. Wow what a great way to get children’s books! And I love your advent calendar idea. Might have to steal that one for our place!!


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