My Little Boy and The Kidstore – One For Aussie Parents.

I need to let Australian parents in on a little secret…*whispers* The Kidstore. 

Is it really a secret? No not really but whenever other parents ask me where Theodore’s outfit is from and I tell them, they have no idea what I’m talking about and this needs to end. I have mentioned here earlier how much I struggled to find children’s clothes that I loved after I left the UK, well we have certainly found clothes that work for us now.


Whenever Theodore and I are out, people always comment on how they love his hair and what he’s wearing.  I have a perfect little man to dress and he looks gorgeous in everything but I’ve also noticed that most of the comments on his outfits come when he is wearing clothes from The Kidstore. 

Today we went along to Story Time at the library and it was Halloween themed.  I had no costume for him but I did pick up this gorgeous top in The Kidstore with our $10 birthday voucher a few weeks ago (yeah, you get vouchers for in there as well).

The Kidstore tee

T-shirt, jeans and braces are from The Kidstore

 It says ‘My Super Power is my Imagination’, quite fitting for a Halloween theme day at the library.

The Kidstore boys

Their clothes are really well made and all of them have gorgeous illustrations, patterns and colours,  they also wash REALLY well.

No, this post isn’t sponsored. I am just over seeing boys clothes with the same skulls, mean looking dinosaurs or generic cars and trucks.

Here are a few other little bits and pieces that we have. (We also have a lot of their stuff stashed for Christmas)

If you’re now googling or grabbing your bag to head out the door, you wont be disappointed.

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  1. Yay great tip! I’m always looking for cool kids clothes for my little man. I’ve never heard of this place before either!

  2. I think you could dress him in anything and he’d still look absolutely gorgeous! :) But I do like that imagination T.shirt. I’m hoping to get some really cute stuff for my grandson when we go to the US in a few weeks time.


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